The Transforming House

Transforming House

This is one of the coolest houses I seen in a long time. The image to the right is a photo of a transforming house /fortress called “the Safe House”, that can either transform into a concrete fortress or an open home at the push of a button. This 6,100 sq. ft. fortress can help enforce maximum security, or be a luxurious home by KWK Promes

The house is in a concrete cube designed which makes it impenetrable and helps keeps the people inside safe. In order to get close enough to the gardens, you would have to pass all of the security entrance codes. At which point, you would be standing in the “safety zone”, the place and area that is completely bordered with concrete walls. The Owners then have the option of allowing you to come in.

When opening the home up, all the movable walls open, the draw bridge lowers, and mobile shutters peek up. Thus revealing the beautiful land and garden that the home consist of. Below is the Youtube video, and some great images. Also, please don’t forget to let us know below what you think of this amazing house in the comment section.









Transforming Safe House