Nazis made a film called Titanic which resulted 3x the deaths as the Titanic itself!

Nazis made a film called Titanic

Nazis made a film called Titanic

In 1943, a spoof film of the well known “Titanic” was made by Nazis. It was a German propaganda film made during the second World War by Tobis Productions for the UFA. However, that is not what gets pretty ridiculous. Most of the film was shot at the Baltic port of Gotenhafen, on board the SS Cap Arcona, a passenger liner which itself was sunk a few days before the end of World War II. This resulted in the loss of life more than three times than that on the actual Titanic itself.

To even further it…

Titanic was the most expensive German production up until that time, costing more than 4 million reichsmarks (an equivalent of almost $200,000,000 in today’s currency.) The premiere was supposed to occur in early 1943, but the theatre that housed the answer print was bombed by Royal Air Force planes the night before the big event.