Facts about Michael Jordan

5 Amazing Facts about Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous and well-known basketball players in history, and is commonly regarded as the best basketball player the world has ever seen. Here are 5 amazing facts about Michael Jordan, this NBA legend with 5 MVP’s up his belt.

The amazing facts about Michael Jordan

  1. A Strain of Disease is named after him. A fan of Michael Jordan who was a doctor discovered a new strain of salmonella in a patient, and decided to name it after him. That occurred in 1993, when Stanford Shulman named the new strain Salmonella mjordan.
  2. He donated a year’s salary away. After retiring from the NBA in 1998, he rejoined the NBA into the Washington Wizards in 2001. With the 9/11 accident happening less than a month after he started playing again, he decided to donate his whole year’s salary to a relief effort for the victims.
  3. “Love of the Game Clause” in his contract: Normally, basketball players aren’t allowed to participate in any activity that might risk their health and are not related to his team. However, general manager Jerry Krause decided to give him this clause in his contract. This meant he could play in other non-NBA games, or just randomly play some people in the park if he wanted to.
  4. His jersey got stolen once. On valentines day in the year 1990, when the Chicago Bulls were playing against Orlando Magic, his jersey got stolen straight out of the locker room, just 1 hour before the game started. With only one hour left before the game, they had to let him wear a spare jersey that didn’t have his name on it (only the numbers 12).
  5. He makes a lot of money! Michael Jordan’s net worth is more than 1 billion dollars! Even though he is now retired from the NBA, he still makes lots of money from sponsorships and other business deals, including his famous shoe line at Nike. It is said that Jordan earns more money from Nike then all the Nike factory workers combined.

Michael Jordan is one of the best NBA players of all time, and he sure had a lot of interesting things happen in his life. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to like, share, or comment!