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15 Year Old Incan Girl Found after 500 Years

History has the weirdest way of uncovering itself! A more contemporary version of a mummy was found in the form of a 15 year old Incan girl in 1999 near Llullaillaco’s 6739 meter summit. Scientists revealed that there was blood present in the girl’s undamaged vital organs, therein showing how well preserved her internal system was. They also revealed that this was due to the cold mountainous temperature and this girl had eventually frozen to death. This “mummy” is a relic of a 500 year old tradition called the capacocha, whereby children were sacrificed by religious leaders so as to protect the Incan tribe.

Incan Girl

The history behind the Incan Girl

The mummy’s discovery expanded upon the mysterious scope of Incan history. It was then found that children who were the most “attractive” were sacrificed to Incan Gods to protect the tribe from harm. These younglings were taken to high mountain tops where they were left by religious leaders. In the course of that time, most children freeze to death. This girl is the perfect example of that. The cocoa leaf on her lip explains that it was obviously difficult for children to maintain their warmth in these high altitude areas. Therefore, their leaders would give them these leaves so that they could keep their inner system revitalized enough to function till they reach the mountain top.

New age technology and history enthusiasts

After preserving her body in an acrylic cylinder inside a box made of tripe paned glass, scientists ensured that the conditions perfectly matched those of the mountain tops. Therefore, her body could remain frozen and just as preserved as found on Llullaillaco. The mummy has earned the title of “La Doncella” and awed many history enthusiasts. Scientists have even ensured that the condition she was found in remains the same. Therefore, she sits at the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology in Salta in her finely braided hair, brown clothes and sandals, with her head leaning lightly against her shawl so as to put her head to sleep or to keep away the deathly cold.

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