10 Forgotten Facts about Hitler

Hitler was a leader that no one would ever forget. He suddenly came into power but there was not a lot of information about him at that time. A lot of his history was buried and forgotten about but some people made sure to document it. When we picture Hitler, we never picture him struggling to sleep at night or not being extremely intelligent but he faced both of those things.

Hitler dropped out of school and he even had to repeat the sixth grade twice. Sometimes people say “Hitler’s Stupid” and this might actually be true. He did come into power but in a horribly and ridiculous way. He nailed how to talk and give speeches. He worked as the orator. However, not only did he know how to speak regardless of his lack of education but he also had to learn how to perform his role.
Facts about HitlerHitler had a lot of artistic ambitions but there were many movements he did not like. Some of the movements include expressionism, cabaret and even jazz music. The contradiction is somewhat understandable considering Hitler’s history and beliefs. Cabaret was about supporting citizens which were ineffectual and in general supporting debauchery. A lot of the Jews supported expressionism. There were many other reasons as to why he did not like certain movements.
Believe it or not, the Times Magazine announced that Hitler was actually the Man of the Year back in 1938 but later on it was changed to Person of the Year in order to be politically correct. Time has made a few choices for Person of the Year that seemed to be silly but Hitler, was rather surprising. Maybe what it all comes down to is just having power and being able to be political, which Hitler happened to be both.
Hitler struggled with insomnia and slept a lot. He would just pace around diagonally in whatever room he was in. He also gave himself some enemas. He would not go to sleep until around four and sometimes not even until 5 am. You might be surprised by this just because of the successful missions that he had. When you are not able to get enough sleep it can cause you to not think clear and miss up many other things. However, it almost seemed as if not getting enough sleep helped Hitler to become even more successful.
Appearance was always on Hitler’s mind when he was in public and this is one of the reasons as to why he would always keep his jacket on. He would wear pre-tied neckties and his underwear would be full-length. He would also never give up the mustache he had despite people asking him to get rid of it. Maybe in some ways this also proves that Hitler was paranoid and he had every right to be because of all the terrible things that he did.
Hitler loved his ladies and they did not care about his mustache. The woman all seemed to share his passion. However, it does seem odd that the first girlfriend he had actually killed herself and then the last one tried to kill herself twice and fulfilled the dream back in 1945 with Hitler in her arms. I guess you can say in many ways he was like Don Juan. Some people say that he had a relationship with his niece but others claim that was mainly just based upon rumors and that Hitler struggled with his love life because he was so focused on political things. Hitler was possessive over his niece and made her life to be somewhat claustrophobic. She moved in with Hitler in the Munich apartment and from there, it just got worse between the two of them. She had to have his permission with everything that she did. Hitler ordered her to stay in the apartment in September, 1931 and this made her beyond furious and the next morning was when they found her dead. Almost shortly after her death, he was served some ham and Hitler refused to eat it stating it looked like a corpse and then he never had meat again.
Hitler would often times beg to be kicked by the women. It was something that he enjoyed and one of the guards even managed to videotape it. There are lots of reports that say Hitler was strange when it comes to doing things in bed. Maybe that is why some of his girls tried to kill themselves. They just couldn’t handle it.
Hitler liked domination but at the same time he was also afraid of blades. He was horrified of getting his haircut. He also felt that a lot of people wanted to kill him and that they might kill him when he was getting his haircut. He would often times just end up shaving himself instead of letting someone else do it. This proves as to how weak he actually was. Imagine, Hitler screaming at the barber because he was scared.
Hitler was a vegetarian and did not eat meat. Hitler also thought the future of Germany would be vegetarian. He tried to encourage them to also not eat meat. We all know that is a long way off. Germany will more than likely never be a vegetarian country despite what he wanted but that is a good thing. Hitler also enjoyed just simply eating by himself but other times he didn’t mind if there was company as long as there was no meat involved. He made sure to let people know what he thought of meat and why it was bad for you. A lot of people who worshiped Hitler also followed his diet just to try and please him but what they did not know was he was only this way after his niece died.
In order to help him sleep better Hitler invented the Blow-Up doll. If his idea had been constructed would have been one of those funniest moments ever recorded in history. Can you imagine a blow-up doll helping Hitler to sleep better at night? I think even with a blow-up doll he would still be awake. Hitler did terrible things and perhaps, him not getting enough sleep at night was just part of the karma he got for it.
The world will never truly know as to what all he went through and experienced because of everything he did.
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